20th Anniversary

HTCC made it to 20 years last year. That is a very long time for any organization online and we are very proud of this.

So what was happening in 1998 when we started

  • The Soviet Union Banking system suffers a meltdown when the Rouble lost 70% of its value against US dollar in 6 months with several of the largest Russians banks collapsing.
  • World’s first Digital Terrestrial Television Service launched in the UK
  • Windows 98 released by Microsoft on June 26th
  • United States Department of Justice (DOJ) brings Anti-Trust Case against Microsoft Corp.
  • During 1998 with the technology maturing e-commerce started to take off as more and more companies decided to create a presence on the Internet with their own web sites.
  • The Search Engine Google is founded.
  • Apple Computer unveils the iMac.

Popular Films

  • Armageddon
  • Titanic
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • A Bug's Life
  • Deep Impact
  • Shakespeare in Love
  • Lethal Weapon 4
  • Mark Zuckerberg was 13 and still at school

So some of the things HTCC has achieved along the way. These are in addition to helping a multitude of officers and investigators solve specific problems, connect with others to help them tackle challenging issues and mostly to help bring people to justice.

Members of HTCC including the Board have helped with the following:

  1. Invitee-participant in joint Federal Bureau of Investigation and Police Futurists
  2. International futures working group to forecast the future impact of cybercrime on law enforcement agencies.
  3. Liaison with local, federal and international law enforcement agencies on international child pornography, telecommunication systems hacking, and online auction fraud cases.
  4. Distributed over 15,000 cyber safety brochures aimed at youngsters, another 15,000 designed for parents, and 300 “Staying Safe in Cyberspace” videos to law enforcement agencies, schools, and community groups
  5. Provided training for over 100 Washington State prosecutors and law enforcement officials regarding the Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act and Privacy Protection Act.
  6. Provided classroom training for law enforcement officers on the conduct of Internet undercover operations for crimes against children and narcotics investigations.
  7. Presented information on Internet safety and crime prevention to 700 attendees at an annual conference of the Washington State Parent/Teacher Association
  8. Conducted train-the-trainer workshops for the “MISSING” Internet safety program to law enforcement officers in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington
  9. Provided high priority, individualized training on conducting Internet Relay Chat undercover operations to two Sexual Abuse Crime Unit detectives that resulted in the arrest and a “three-strikes” life-sentence conviction of a child molester
  10. Participated as trainer-facilitator with “The Internet and Your Child” hands-on online
  11. Internet safety awareness programs for parents

We now have a membership in over 44 countries with most States in the US covered as well. Below you will see a list of some of the organisations already making great use of HTCC

The Board has helped to keep HTCC on target and operating to achieve the best an online community can achieve

Let you colleagues know what we do, bring them onto our community and help us protect all our communities

Participating agencies

Participating Member Agencies


6295878 Canada Incorporated

Abberline Investigations

AccessData Corporation

Accudata Systems, Inc.

Ada County Sheriff

Ada Police Dept

Adams County Prosecutor

Alameda County District Attorney

Alameda Police Dept

Alaska State Troopers

Alexandria City Police Dept

Alexandria Police Dept

Alhambra Police Dept

Allstate Insurance Company

ALSTE Technologies GmbH

Alton Police Dept

Altria Corporate Services

America Online

American Express

American Prosecutors Research


Amsterdam Police Department

(Politie Amsterdam-Amstelland,

district 2)

An Garda Siochana

Anamosa State Penitentiary

Anchorage Police Dept

Antico Plus LLC

Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak



Aon Consulting, Inc.

APS Healthcare

Arcadia Police Dept

Arizona Dept of Insurance

Arizona Dept of Public Safety

Arizona State University

Arizona State University Police

Arkansas State Police

Ascension Sheriff’s Office

Ashland Police Dept

AT&T Wireless Services

Atherton Police Dept

Atlanta Police Dept

Attorney General of Arizona

Attorney General of California

Attorney General of Connecticut

Attorney General of Florida

Attorney General of Georgia

Attorney General of Illinois

Attorney General of Massachusetts

Attorney General of Michigan

Attorney General of New Jersey

Attorney General of New York

Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Attorney General of South Dakota

Attorney General of Texas

Attorney General of Utah

Attorney General of Virginia

Attorney General of Washington

Audrain County Sheriff

Austin Police Dept

Australian Computer Emergency

Response Team (AusCERT)

Australian Crime Commission

Australian Customs Service

Australian Federal Police

Autorita' Garante Della Concorrenze

E Del Mercato (Italian Antitrust


AXP Out Tasking Relationship, IBM

Global Services

Bakersfield Police Dept

Baltimore County Police Dept

Bank of America

Bank of the West

Barron Fong & Associates

Batavia Police Dept

Baton Rouge Police Dept

Battle Creek Police Dept

Bear Stearns & Co., Inc.

Bend Police Dept

Bergen County Prosecutor

Bernes Group

Beverly Hills Police Dept

Bexar County Sheriff

Binghamton Police Dept

Black & Decker (BDK LLP)

BlackBag Technologies

Bloomington Police Dept

Blue Springs Police Dept

Board of Regents, University System

of Georgia

Boone County Sheriff

Boston College

Boston Police Dept

Boulder County Sheriff

Boulder Police Dept

BP Public Safety Consultants

Bridge City Legal

Brister Consulting

British Columbia Institute of


British Columbia Securities


British Telecommunications

Broome County Division of Security


Brotherhood Bank & Trust

Burlington Police Dept

Burnet Police Dept

Burr Ridge Police Dept

Burton Police Dept

Business Software Alliance

Butler City Police



Calgary Police Service

California Dept of Corrections and


California Dept of Insurance

California Dept of Justice

California District Attorneys


California Highway Patrol

Cambridge Police Dept

Camelot Computer Forensics

Canada Border Services Agency

Canada Customs and Revenue


Canada Dept of Justice

Canadian Forces National

Investigation Service

Canadian Police Research Centre

Canadian Venture Exchange

Cape Breton Regional Police Service

Cape Giradeau County Sheriff

Capgemini UK PLC

Capsicum Group LLC


Carver County Sheriff

Cass County District Attorney

Castro County, County and District

Attorney's Office

Center for Computer Forensics

Central Intelligence Agency

Central Point Police Dept

Centre for the Protection of National


Certified Fraud Examination/Certified

Public Accounting

Champaign County Sheriff

Champlain College

Charleston Police Dept

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Dept

Chesterfield Police Dept

Chicago Police Dept

Chugach Industries Inc.

CIA Solutions

Cincinnati Police Dept

Cingular Wireless


City of Chicago

City of New York

Clackamas County Sheriff

Clark County District Attorney

Clark County Prosecutor

Clayton Police Dept

Clearwater Police Dept

Cleveland County District Attorney

Cloverdale Police Dept

Clovis Police Dept

Coast Guard Investigative Service

Cobb County Police Dept

Coca Cola Company

Coca-Cola Enterprises

Cochise County Sheriff

College Station Police Dept

Colorado Bureau of Investigation,

Denver Forensic Laboratory

Colorado Regional Computer

Forensics Laboratory

Colorado Springs Police Dept

Colorado State Patrol

Colorado State University Police

Columbus Regional Airports

Competition Bureau, Industry


Computer & Technology Crime High

Tech Response Team

Computer Associates

Computer Crime Squad

Computer Evidence Specialists

Computer Forensic Services, Inc.

Computer Sciences Corporation

Connecticut Dept of Public Safety

Conroe Independent School District

Consultant (RCMP)

Contra Costa County District


Contra Costa County Sheriff

Cook County Sheriff

Corefacts, LLC

Coronado Police Dept

Corporate Security, Telus

Communications, Inc.

Corpus Christi Police Dept

Counterintelligence Field Activity


County of Orange, CA

Cranford Police

Crime and Misconduct Commission

Criminal Police Directorate

Critical Infrastructure Security Coordination

Centre (NISCC)

Crucial Security

Cryptec Forensic Inc.

Crystal Police Dept

Cuerpo Nacional de Policia

Customs & Excise Dept, Hong Kong

Cyberenforcement Resources


Cyberforensic Associates

CyberGuard Corp

CyberScience Laboratory

CyberSecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity Institute

Cybertrust Corporation

Dakota County Sheriff

Dane County Sheriff

Danish National Police

Data Sleuths ©



David H. Mann Consulting

Davie Police Dept

DDK Technology Group, Inc.

Dearborn Police Dept

Defense Computer Forensics

Laboratory (DCFL)

Defense Computer Investigative

Training Program

Defense Criminal Investigative


Defense Intelligence Agency

Defiance County Sheriff

Dekalb County District Attorney

DeLand Police Dept

Delaware County Sheriff

Deloit, Touche, Tohmatsu

Deloitte & Touche

Deloitte Financial Advisory Services


Delphi Automotive Systems,

Corporate Security Investigations

Denton County District Attorney

Denton County Sheriff’s Office

Denver District Attorney

Dept of Internal Affairs, Censorship

Compliance Unit

Derry Police Dept

Deschutes County Sheriff

Detroit Police Dept


DHL Worldwide Express

Digital Forensics Group

Digital Inquiries LLC

Digital Intelligence, Inc.

Digitalmedix, Inc.

Directorate of Emergency Services

District of Columbia Police Dept

Division of the South Carolina State


Dixon Hughes PLLC

Dougherty County District Attorney

Douglas County Sheriff

DRCCRF, BIEC (Interregional

Brigade for Fair Trading)

Drexel University

DSR Systems Inc.

Durham Police Dept

Dutch National Police Force (KLPD)

Duval County Public Schools

Eastern Michigan University

Eastman Kodak Company

Eaton County Sheriff



e-Crime (NZ) Ltd

Eden Prairie Police Dept

Edina Police Dept

Edith Cowan University


EDS-NMCI Information Assurance

e-fense, Inc.

EFTA Surveillance Authority

Elan Corporation

Electronic Warfare Associates


Ellis County Sheriff

Elmwood Place Police Dept

Emory University Police


Englewood Police Dept

Enid Police Dept

Erie County District Attorney

Erie County Sheriff

Ernst & Young

Esat BT plc

Escambia County Sheriff



Espoo District Police

Essex Police Dept

ETG, Inc.

Eugene Police Dept


Everett Police Dept

Evidentdata, Inc.

Exeter Police Dept

ExxonMobile Corporation

Fairfax County Police Dept

Fairfield Police Dept

Fall River Police Dept

FCS Forensic Computing Services

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Cartel Office

Federal Law Enforcement Training


Federal Prosecution Service,

Criminal Law Branch

Federal Trade Commission

Festus Police Dept

Fidelity Investments

Fimat USA

Financial Services Authority

Financial Transactions and Reports

Analysis Centre of Canada


First Advantage Litigation Consulting

Florida Attorney General

Florida Dept of Juvenile Justice

Florida Dept of Law Enforcement

Florida State Comptroller's Office

Florissant Police Dept

FluidIT Group

Fond du Lac City Police Dept

Foothill-DeAnza College District

Police Dept

Forensic DataRecovery, Inc.

Forensical Investigations

Fort Bend County Sheriff

Fort Collins Police Services

Fort Worth Police Dept

Fountain Police Dept

Fountain Valley Police Dept

Franchise Tax Board

Franklin County Sheriff

Franklin Police Dept

Freescale Information Protection


Fremont Police Dept

Fresno County Sheriff

Fresno County Superior Court

Fresno Police Dept

Front Range Internet, Inc.

FSSC/Infosecurity Solutions

FTI Consulting

Fullerton Police Dept

Future Focus, Inc.

Gainesville Police Dept

Gannon University Police & Safety

Garden City Community College

Garland Police Dept

GE Commercial Finance

Gendarmerie Nationale

General Dynamics Decisions


General Services Administration

Geneva Police Dept

George Clydesdale, Consultant

Georgia Governor’s Office of

Consumer Affairs

Georgia Student Finance


GHC Information Systems, LLC

Gibson County Sheriff

Gillette Police Dept

Glendale Police Dept

Global Projects, Ltd

GMG Systems, Inc.

Goldman Sachs


Grace College Campus Safety

Grand Forks Police Dept

Grand Junction Police Dept

Grand Prarie Police Dept

Grant County Sheriff

Grapevine Police Dept

Greater Manchester Police

Greeley Police Dept

Green Bay Police Dept

Greenbelt City Police

Greensboro Police Dept

Greensburg Police Dept

Greenville County Sheriff

Groton Long Point Police Dept

Guardia di Finanza

Guidance Software, Inc.

GWAG Law Enforcement Security

Gwinnett County District Attorney

h+a Computer Forensics Inc.

Halifax Regional Police Service

Halton Regional Police Service

Hamden County District Attorney

Hamilton County Sheriff

Harford County Sheriff

Harris County Sheriff

Hart Police Dept

Hawaii Police Dept

Hazelwood Police Dept

Heatherington Information Services

Hellenic Police Forces

Henderson County Sheriff

Hendricks County Sheriffs Dept

Hennepin County

Hennepin County Fraud Investigative


Hennepin County Sheriff

Henry County Sheriff

Herkimer County Community College

Hewlett Packard Company

Highlands County Sheriff

High-Tech Crime Network

Hillsboro Police Dept

Hillsborough County Sheriff

Hoffmann Investigations

Homewood Police Dept

Honeywell Inc.

Hong Kong Police Force

Honolulu Police Dept

Houston County Sheriff


Huhn and Associates, Inc.

Huntington Beach Police Dept

Huron Consulting Group LLC



Idaho State Police

Illinois Criminal Justice Information


Illinois Secretary of State Police

Illinois State Police (ret)

Independent Commission Against


Indiana State Police

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept

Indianapolis Police Dept

Industry Canada

Inegra Corporation

INHOPE Network of Internet Hotlines

Inkster Group

Inland Computer Forensic Services

Inland Revenue Authority of


Institute of Forensic Research

Intel Corporate Security

Inteltec Technologies

Intelysis Corporation

Interface SA

Internal Revenue Service


IntraSec Corporation

Investigative Technologies LLC

Invizeon Corporation

Iowa State University Dept of Public


Irving Police Dept

Irvington Police Dept

Island County Sheriff

IT System Services

Ithaca Police Dept

Jacklin Computer Forensics

Jackson County Sheriff

James Madison University Police


Jatero Consulting & Development

Jefferson County Sheriff

Jerry Ssperstein

Johnson County Sheriff

JP Morgan Chase

Junction City Police Dept

Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Kansas Securities Commissioner

Kaufman County Courthouse

KDMD Networks

Kenai Computer Forensics

Kennewick Police Dept

Kent County Constabulary

Kent Police

Kentucky State Police

Kentwood Police Dept

Kern County District Attorneys Office

Kern County Sheriff

Kessler International

Ketchikan Police Dept

Key Computer Service, Inc.

King County Prosecutor

King County Sheriff

Kings County District Attorney

Kingsburg Police Dept

Kitsap County Sheriff

KLG Computer Forensics

Knowledge Based Security

Knox County Sheriff


Kroll Associates, Inc.

Kroll Ontrack Inc.

Kuldiga District Region Court of


Lake City Police Dept

Lake Dallas Police Dept

Lake Forest Park Police Dept

Lakeland Police Dept

Lakewood Police Dept

Lamar Institute of Technology

Lamar Police Dept

Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen

Dez 56

Lantana Police Dept

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept

Law Enforcement Communication


Lebanon County Detective Bureau

Lebanon Police Dept



Lee County Sheriff

Leicestershire Police

Lenexa Police Dept

Lenow International Inc.

Lexington Police Dept

Liberty County Sheriff

Liberty Police Dept

Ligonier City Police

Lincoln City Police Dept

Lincoln Police Dept

Livingston County Sheriff


Lockheed Martin Corporation

LogicForce Consulting LLC

London City Police

London Police Service

Long Beach Police Dept

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Angeles County Sherif

Los Angeles County Sheriff

Los Angeles Police Dept

Loudon County Sheriff

Lower Allen Township Police Dept

Lucent Technologies

LuciData LLC

Luxottica Retail

Lynn Police

Lynnwood Police Dept

Macon Police Dept

Madison Police Dept

Magellan Health Services

Mail.com Corporation

Malta Police Force

Manchester Police Dept

ManTech International Corporation

Marc Peskin, Private Investigations

Maricopa County Sheriff

Marion County Sheriff

Marshfield Police Dept

Martin County Sheriff

Maryland National Capital Park

Police (ret)

Maryland State Police

Massachusetts State Police

MassMutual Financial Group


McCook Police Dept

McDonald Bradley Inc.

McGovern & Greene LLP


Medford Police Dept

Medtronic, Inc.

Memphis Police Dept

Mendocino County Sheriff

Mercyside Police

Mesa Police Dept

Metro Net Investigations

Metropolitan Nashville Police Dept

Metropolitan Police Dept

Metropolitan Police Service

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Miami Beach Police Dept

Miami County Sheriff

Miami-Dade Police Dept

Michigan Dept of Corrections

Michigan State Attorney

Michigan State Police

MicroForensics, LLC

MicroSnap Lead Pac Fleet Support

Microsoft Corporation

Middleton Police Dept

Mid-States Organized Crime

Information Center (MOCIC)

Mifflin Township Police Dept

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Fisheries

Ministry of Small Business, Special

Investigations Branch

Ministry of the Attorney General

Ministry Small Business and


Minneapolis Police Dept

Minnesota Alcohol & Gambling


Minnesota Dept of Human Services

Minnesota Financial Crimes Task


Minnetonka Police Dept

MJ Menz & Associates

Mobile County Sheriff

Mobile Forensics Inc

Mobile Police Dept

Modesto Police Dept

Monaca Police Dept

Monmouth County Prosecutor’s


Monroe Police Dept

Monrovia Police Dept (ret)

Monterey Park Police Dept

Montgomery County Police Dept

Montgomery County Sheriff

Montgomery Police Dept

Morehead Police Dept

Motorola, Inc.

Mount Vernon Police Dept

Mulholland Investigation and

Security Consulting, Inc.

Mundy Police Dept

Nappanee Police Dept

Nashua Police Dept

Nassau County District Attorney

National Aeronautics & Space

Administration (NASA)

National Bureau of Criminal

Investigation (NBCI)

National Bureau of Investigation

National Center for Forensic Science

National Center for Missing and

Exploited Children

National Commissioner of Danish


National Commissioner of Icelandic


National Crime Squad

National Criminal Police

National Drug Intelligence Center

National Fraud Investigation Unit

National Ground Intelligence Center

National High Tech Crime Training


National Hi-Tech Crime Unit

National Institute of Standards and


National Space & Aeronautics


National Specialist Law Enforcement


National White Collar Crime Center

Naugatuck Police Dept

Navigant Consulting, Inc.


Nebraska State Patrol

NEMLEC Computer Crime Unit

Netherlands Ministry of Interior

New Britain Police Dept

New Castle County Police Dept

New England Forensics

New England State Police

Information Network (NESPIN)

New Hampshire Dept of Education

New Hartford Police Dept

New Jersey Dept of Environmental


New Jersey Division of Consumer


New Jersey Institute of Technology

New London Police Dept

New Orleans Police Dept

New South Wales Police Service

New Technologies Inc

New York City Inspector General's

Office, Health & Hospitals

New York City Police Dept

New York State Dept of Health

New York State Dept of Taxation and


New York State Metropolitan Transit


New York State Office of Mental

Retardation and Developmental


New York State Office of

Professional Discipline

New York State Office of the

Inspector General

New York State Police

New Zealand Customs Service

New Zealand Defence Force (Army)

New Zealand Dept of Internal Affairs,

Censorship Compliance Unit

(Southern Region)

New Zealand Dept of Labour

New Zealand Dept of Work and


New Zealand Police

Newton Police Dept

Niagara Regional Police Service



NJ Dept of Environmental Protection


Nomadics, Inc.

Norcross Group

Norfolk Police Dept

North Andover Police Dept

North Arlington Police Dept

North Carolina Dept of Motor


North Forest I.S.D. Police Dept

North Haven Police Dept

North Manchester Police Dept

North Shore Community College

Northern California Computer Crimes

Task Force

Northglenn Police Dept

Norwalk Police Dept

Norwood Police Dept

Nottinghamshire Police

NTI Breakwater

Oak Harbor Police Dept

Oakland County

Oakland County Sheriff

Office of Prosecution Services, State

of Alabama

Office of the MD State Prosecutor

Ohio Bureau of Criminal

Identification & Investigation

Ohio Bureau of Workers'


Ohio State Highway Patrol

Oklahoma State Auditor & Inspector

Oklahoma State Bureau of


Onodaga County Sheriff

Ontario Provincial Police

Ontario Securities Commission

Option One Mortgage

Orange County District Attorney

Orange County Sheriff

Oregon Dept of Human Services

Oregon Dept of Justice

OSU Police Dept & FBI (Computer

Crime Task Force)

Oswego County District Attorney

Overland Park Police Dept

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Pacific Northwest National

Laboratory (PNNL)

Pacifica Police

Pacifica Police Dept

Paladin Network Communications &

Security Inc.

Paladin Security Group, Ltd.

Palatine Police Dept

Panorama Police Dept

Paraben Corporation

Park Ridge Police Dept

Pasadena Police Dept

Paulding County Sheriff’s Dept

PCM assistance

Peel Regional Police

Pennsylvania State Police

Philadelphia Housing Authority

Philadelphia Police Dept

Philippine National Police

Phillips Alaska, Inc.

Phoenix Police Dept

Pierce County Prosecutor

Pierce County Sheriff

Pima County Attorney

Pinal County Sheriff's Office

Pinkerton Automotive Service


Pitt County Sheriff

Plainfield Police Division

Pleasanton Police Dept

Police Integrity Commission

Police Judiciaire Fédérale

Polizei Bildungszentrum Neuss

Polizeiinspektion Ausburg 02

Polizia di Stato

Polk County Sheriff

Poplar Bluff Police Dept

Portage Police Dept (TDY SA,

USArmy CID, Camp Doha,


Portland Police Bureau

Portsmouth Police Dept

Poste Italiane Group

Poulsen & Associates Computer

Forensics & Consulting

Predictive Systems, Global Integrity

Information Security

Presidium of Police Forces Bureau of

Justice and Criminal Police

Presque Isle Sheriff

Prince William County Police Dept

Protiviti Inc.

Pueblo County Sheriff

Purdue University


Queensland Police Service

Qwent Police

Qwest Corporate Security

R.T. Boxold & Associates LLC

Ramsey County Sheriff

Raynham Police Dept

Rea & Associates, Inc.

Red-Cliff Consulting

Redding Police Dept

Redlands Police Dept

Redondo Beach Police Dept

Refugio Police Dept

Regions Financial Corporation

Regiopolitie Zeeland (Dutch police)

Rehman Technology Services, Inc.

Renew Data Corporation

Reno Police Dept

Rhode Island State Police

Rhome Police Dept

Richardson Police Dept

Richfield Dept of Public Safety

Richmond County District Attorney

Richmond Police Dept

Riggs Bank N.A.

Riverside County Sheriff

Riverside Police Dept

Robert Abend, PE

Rockland County Sheriff

Rocklin Police Dept

Rocky Mountain Information Network

Rocky Mountain Regional Computer

Forensics Lab

Round Rock Police Dept

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Dutch Marechaussee

Royal Oak Police Dept

Royal Thai Police

RSM McGladrey, Inc.

Rutgers Police Dept

Rutgers University

Rutgers University Computing


Rutherfordton Police Dept

S3 Group

Saanich Police Dept

Sacramento County District Attorney

Sacramento County Sheriff

Salem Police Dept

Salem State College Police

San Bernardino County Sheriff

San Bernardino Police Dept

San Diego Police Dept

San Francisco City Attorney

San Francisco District Attorney

San Francisco Police Dept

San Luis Obispo County District


San Luis Obispo County Sheriff

San Mateo County Sheriff

San Miguel County Sheriff

Sanderson Forensics Ltd.

Santa Barbara County District


Santa Barbara County Sheriff

Santa Clara County District Attorney

Santa Cruz County Sheriff

Sarasota County Sheriff

Sarasota Sheriff's Office


Saudi Arabia Oil Company

Schiller Park Police Dept

Science Applications International

Corporation (SAIC)

Scottsdale Police Dept

Search Group, Inc.

Secretariat of the Swiss Competition


Secure Technologies, Inc.

Security Cubed, Inc.

Sedgwick County Sheriff

Seeger Consulting

Serious Fraud Office

Sharon Police Dept

Shasta County District Attorney

Shasta County Sheriff

Sherburne County Sheriff

Sioux City Police Dept

Sioux Falls Law Enforcement Center

Sioux Falls Police Dept


SMJ Data Seek

Smyrna Police Dept


Solano County District Attorney

Sony Pictures Entertainment



South African Police Service

South Australia Police Dept

South Carolina Law Enforcement


South Carolina State Constable

South Dakota Division of Criminal


South Dakota Internet Crimes

Enforcement Unit

South Plainfield Police Dept

South Portland Police Dept

South Windsor Police Dept

Southfield Police Dept

Speartip Technologies

Spokane County Sheriff

Sprint Corporate Security,


Sputnik, Inc.

SSC Security and Investigations

St. Charles County Sheriff’s Dept

St. Peter Police Dept

Stanislaus District Attorney

Stanislaus Sheriff's Dept

State of CT, Dept of Information

Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff's Dept

Steganography Analysis and

Research Center (SARC)


Stockholm County Police

(Polismyndigheten I Stockholms


Streetsboro Police Dept

Stroz Friedberg, LLC

Stuart Technologies, Inc.

Suffolk County District Attorney

Suffolk County Police Dept

Sunnyvale Dept of Public Safety

Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office

Sussex Police

Swansea Police Dept

Swiss Competition Commission

Swiss Customs Law Enforcement

Syracuse Police Dept

Sytex, Inc.

TAC Forensics

Tacoma Police Dept

Tacoma Public Schools

Tampere Police Dept, IT Crime Unit

Taney County Sheriff’s Dept

Target Corporation

Tarrant County District Attorney

Tatum Partners, LLC

Teaneck Police Dept

Tech Data

Tech Data Corporation

Tech Pathways

Technology Pathways LLC

Teesside University


TeleDesign Security, Inc.

Tempe Police Dept

Temple University Police Dept

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Terrebonne Parrish District Attorney

Texas Alcoholic Beverage


TFC.Net Corporation

The LaFear Group

The Youngs Group

Third Federal Savings

Thomas M. Cooley Law School

TLSI, Inc.

T-Mobile USA

Toronto Police Service

Torrance Police Dept

Totally Connected Security

Totally Connected Security

Town of Mamaroneck Police

Training Co

Tri-M Systems, Inc.

TrueNorth Data Systems, Inc.

TruSecure Corp.


TrygVesta Insurance Company

Tulare County District Attorney

Tulare County Sheriff

Tulsa County Court Services

UBIC, Inc.

UC Irvine Police Dept

UCLA Police Dept

Ulster Co. District Attorney Office

Ulster County Sheriff

University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Police Dept

University of Arizona

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Police Dept

University of Baltimore Police Dept

University of California Police Dept

University of Colorado Police Dept

University of Delaware Police

University of Leeds

University of Massachusetts Police


University of New Haven

University of North Carolina at

Greensboro Police Dept

University of St. Thomas Dept. of

Public Safety

University of Texas, Southwestern

Medical Center Police Dept

University of Toronto Police at


University of Washington

University of Wolverhampton

UNT Health Science Center Police


Upland Police Dept

Upper Perk Police Dept

Urbandale Police Dept

US Air Force

US Army

US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,

Firearms & Explosives

US Capitol Police

US Coast Guard

US Customs Service

US Data Forensics, LLC

US Dept of Agriculture

US Dept of Commerce

US Dept of Defense

US Dept of Energy

US Dept of Homeland Security

US Dept of Interior

US Dept of Justice

US Dept of Labor

US Dept of State

US Dept of Treasury

US Dept of Veterans Affairs

US Dept of Veterans Affairs Police

US District Court

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Federal Drug Administration

US Immigration & Naturalization


US Naval Academy

US Naval Surface Warfare Center

US Navy

US Postal Inspection Service

US Probation & Pretrial Services

US Secret Service

US Securities and Exchange


US Social Security Administration

US Treasury Dept, OIG

US Veterans Administration

Utah Dept of Public Safety

V&S Transport

Vaasa Police Dept

Vacaville Police Dept

Valdosta Police Dept

Vancouver Police Dept

Vanderburg County Sheriff

Vantaa Police Dept

Ventura County District Attorney

VeriPic, Inc.


Victoria Police Dept

Victoria Police Force

Vineland Police Dept

Virgin Mobile USA

Virginia State Police

Volusia County Sheriff

Waite Park Police Dept

Washington County Sheriff

Washington Mutual, Inc.

Washington State Auditor's Office

Washington State Dept of Financial


Washington State Dept of Labor &


Washington State Gambling


Washington State Patrol

Washington State University Police

Washtenaw County Sheriff

Water Authority of Western Nassau

County (WAWNC)

Watonwan County Sheriff

Waukesha Police Dept

Waynesboro Police Dept

Weld County Sheriff

Wells Fargo Audit and Security

Wells Fargo Bank

West Coast Bankcorp

West Linn Police Dept

West Mercia Constabulary

West Midlands Police Service

West Sacramento Police Dept

West Virginia University

West Yorkshire Police

Westchester County District Attorney

Western Australia Police Service

Western Union Financial Services

Wetstone Technologies, Inc.

Wheat Ridge Police Dept

Wichita Falls Police Dept

Wichita Police Dept

Wickliffe Police Dept

William and Mary Police Dept

Wilmington Police Dept

Wilson County Sheriff

Wilton Police Dept

Winnipeg Police Service

Winthrop University

Wisconsin Dells Police Dept

Wisconsin Dept of Justice

Woodburn Police Dept

World Bank Group

Wright County Sheriff

Wyoming Division of Criminal


Wyoming Police Dept

York County District Attorney's Office

Yuma Police Dept

Zanesville Marshal

Zimmerman Reed, PLLP

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